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Would you put this poem on a Valentine card?

Fussed Flags

We are like fussed flags soaring through this life.
We take what ever the zephyr winds bring our way.
We walk on side by side in a flowing glow.
The night skies are filled with countless sparking stars,
But none can match the spark in my heart.
There’s an air about you that takes my breath away.
You transport me to a higher level of being in love.
You have the aura and the tone of what love is.
What ever the zephyr carries on the breeze of time,
I am sure we will handle.
For my love for you is frozen in time.
Valentine’s Day is not about Sex, it is about Love.

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6 Responses to “Would you put this poem on a Valentine card?”

  1. WILLISCA_49 said:

    hay why not pretty good

  2. P.A.M. said:


  3. sushihen2 said:

    If it is the way you feel, go for it. If it is something your Valentine will not like.. then No… go for sexy or cute…

  4. POET said:

    If you can type the poem using a caligraphy font it will look outstanding in your valentines day card if not your words alone have painted a wonderful picture.

  5. kittyrogers said:

    Like most teen “poetry” here it is total garbage and no, I wouldn’t embarass myself by putting it on a card. This is a bunch of trite teen nonsense in the truest sense of the word “trite.” Your friends and other teens will tell you it’s “awesome” because of course many of them cannot read well and think their job is to bolster everyone’s confidence by saying “great job” and “you’re awesome.” You’re not. Buy a card. You asked.

  6. rita l said:

    Valentine ,s Day is too special for a poem like this.trie something beautifull that express your feeling not your instinct.


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