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hi i want to write nice poem on the valentine card for my husband…plz help me?

can someone suggest me any good poem and how to decorate the valentine card for my husbandcard

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4 Responses to “hi i want to write nice poem on the valentine card for my husband…plz help me?”

  1. Sarah N said:

    if you think about it really hard, you WILL come up with your own sweet poem. and it has to come straight from the heart by telling him how much you love him and want to stay with him forever. put a pic of you in the really pretty card.

  2. Caz said:

    to be honest he’s a man and he probably wont even read it. if he does read the poem he definately wont care about the decoration unless its naked ladies.
    save yourself the time and the energy by buying a nice card with a verse already in it….problem solved!
    and if you want to be nice and thoughtful, cook him his favourite meal, invest in some new underwear and happy valentines day!

  3. puertorican gurl said:

    i love you so much you
    know this to be true
    i would be nothing with out you
    your the love of my life
    the best man in the world
    just to let you know i’m
    your 1 special girl.

    you can decorate the card with herats and kiss it with red lipstick all over.

  4. pistol p said:

    I am sure he will like this one.

    “Roses are red,”
    ” Gas comes from a pump”
    ” I’ll bend over the table”
    ” For my Valentine Hump”

    Have fun Darling, this humps for you.
    Your Loving wife.


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