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I left a Valentines card on your door asking U 2b my valentine. How would u you react? Whats your response?

**doorbell rings**
Ding dong….special telegram from Gymmylicous!!

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12 Responses to “I left a Valentines card on your door asking U 2b my valentine. How would u you react? Whats your response?”

  1. stapler said:

    wow, cats just love me. jkjk.

  2. Marlize said:

    If I knew you, I’d go buy you a rose and say, “Yes, of course!”.

    If I had no idea who you were, I’d still buy you the rose, but say, “No, sorry. I’m sure there’s someone better for you out there.”

  3. the S 2 the C 2 da O 2 da Tt said:

    I would Laugh and then blush then smile..

  4. HaK, the Pansexual Panda said:

    would you be delivering it? cause mommy says i have enough pets… but i think i can slip you past! heehee.

  5. Raven said:

    I would be grateful.I would go buy you a rose and get in contact with you to say thanks and take you to dinner. If we were friends previously i would take you up on the offer to be valentines, if we weren’t friends or didn’t know each other very well i would offer to get to know you better before becoming your valentine.

  6. Andme said:

    I would say sorry, I don’t date married men

  7. Moo!!! said:

    I’d ask if you meant me, or the Irish rock band U2. Because I don’t wanna be confused with Bono, that would be no bueno.

  8. anotherpx said:

    Aww! I’d wonder how you figured out my address, lol. My response would be to give you a big hug, and then I’d introduce you to my #1 valentine.

  9. Sassydude said:

    I would tell you to stop back about 10 tonight.

  10. FrustratedMe said:

    I’m gonna go grab you outta the car you’re sitting in there in front of my house- watching so you can see my reaction…and bring my new kitty inside for some special “milk”.

  11. Alice The Wondering said:

    *jumps up and down gleefully* Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!! Happy V-Day!!<3<3<3<3<3<3

  12. COBALT ▬▬≏▬▬ said:

    My orange tabby cat and black kitty would probably want to know if I was seeing another kitty on the side… so I would respond by sending you a valentine from me, my bf, and the 2 kitties so nobody gets jealous.


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