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How long did you use baby food jars for? When did you start?

I have a three month old and have stocked up on about 120 baby food jars different variates, I bought on ebay. I have a chance to buy 4 cases of 12-4oz jars apple, bannanas, and peas plus about 15 extras for 15 so I am wondering if I should go for it or not. When did you start baby foods, what was the first one, and how long did you use them for?

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11 Responses to “How long did you use baby food jars for? When did you start?”

  1. ~Bianca~ due May 16th said :

    i stated using them when he was about 3 months until around 8 months i think

  2. Noah's Mommy is expecting #2 said :

    We started at 6 months and used jarred foods for a couple of weeks and then I started making his food myself. By 7 months we were introducing finger foods and by 8 1/2-9 months he was totally off jarred foods.

    With this one I’ll probably skip jarred stuff and go straight to finger foods(this is also called baby led weaning). Personally, if I were you, I’d hold off on buying anymore. You won’t know if your baby may have any allergies and some babies just flat out refuse pureed foods all together. If the time comes to where you do need more they are not that expensive to buy in the store.

  3. Pippin said :

    I used jarred food mostly for about 4 months — from 5 1/2 months to 9-10 months, though she had SOME jars until early in her second year — she got teeth late and didn’t like the meat I shredded up for her.

    120 jars should be MORE than ample — unless you have quintuplets. Remember, baby will only be eating a few bites a day at first, so you won’t even use a whole jar a day for a while. Also, you don’t know yet what foods baby will like and what she might be allergic to or just hate. Or you may find that you have a baby who refuses to be spoon-fed, and either refuses all purees, or rapidly moves on to table foods.

    You won’t be starting solids at all for another 2-3 months, so there’s no logical reason to buy a ton of babyfood NOW.

  4. mariahrose85 said :

    I started around 6 months and my daughter still ate them daily up to 12 months…it was nice, because now she’s such a picky eater I worry about her getting the proper nutrition, and with those at least she would always eat something good!

  5. cathrl69 said :

    Apart from for occasional convenience, I didn’t use them at all. I don’t feed myself on a non-stop diet of commercial processed junk – why on earth would I do it to my babies? I cooked my kids’ food.

    Your baby won’t start solids until 6 months old. They will at that point be eating far less than a jar a day. By 9 or 10 months they should be starting to eat mashed table food. You already have more than enough jars to feed your baby nothing else between those two points. Certainly don’t buy any more, and if I were you I’d seriously consider selling some of what you already have.

  6. Alexa's Mommy~09/23/09 said :

    I started her on jarred baby foods at 1 week before she turned 4 months. Now she is 7 months and eating them..she has 2 stage 2 per day, plus a few bites of what i am having. I hope to have her off of baby foods and on table foods by 8 1/2-9 months.

  7. Mama of Zee said :

    From about 6-10 months. But be careful.. what if your baby is allergic to some of these foods or doesn’t like them? That would be a lot of baby food. I think you should hold off for a bit. 120 is more than enough to start with.

  8. A H said :

    I would say pass. I stocked up when I was able to get a great deal on baby food for my 3rd child. She never ate any of it, and I ended up donating it all to be sure it was used before it expired… I took a HUGE loss on all of it.

    You have plenty to get you through I would say!

  9. Baby Jude's mummy!!! said :

    It is cheaper to make your own baby food. And more nutritious for your baby. Baby food in jars contains preservatives and can be high in salt/sugar. If you spend one day a month cooking and pureeing various fruit and veg you can freeze it in ice-cube trays and it will last up to six weeks. You can mix up the ice cubes to make different varieties of baby food similar to the ones in jars e.g. a cube of carrot and a cube of cauliflower. If you buy any book by Annabel Karmel it will tell you how to cook and puree foods for your baby and what foods are suitable for what stage. Baby rice or porridge is good to start with as it is nice and plain and unlikely to cause allergies, then move onto fruit/veg purees.

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