When did you start your baby on the 2nd foods?

My son is 6 months old and has been eating the first foods for about a month or so. He loves them. When did you start your baby on the 2nd foods and on teething biscuits and such?

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7 Responses to “When did you start your baby on the 2nd foods?”

  1. Lou said:

    A good rule of thumb is when your nipple starts to hurt from him biting. Then it’s time to move on to the solid stuff.

  2. holme said:

    I started using 2nd foods when they finished the 1st food containers and still seemed hungry or were eating several at a sitting, probably 6 months sounds right…and the teething biscuits should be fine now….they really don’t eat them, they just melt away and make a huge huge mess!! the puffs are great, they melt in your mouth…try one, they’re not bad!

  3. USMCwife&momto3 said:

    to me i think 2nd foods are the same texture… they are just in a bigger jar… my son always cried when he finished the jar. So at 6 1/2 months i moved to 2nd & he ate the whole jar for awhile btu he got sick & now hes not eating very great though so i sometimes buy stage 1 just cause hes not all that into baby food anymore. & he only wants a little bit. Hes not sick anymore so we will see if he continues to eat a whoel jar of stage 2.. So if baby seems still interested after 1 stage 1 in baby food time to move up to 2’s.

  4. It is what it is said:

    After he had been eating first foods for a month or 2. Teething biscuits was later on..around 9 months or so. The 2nd stage baby food are basically just bigger portions and more of a selection of flavors.

  5. daniels mommy said:

    I started my son on 2nds when he started sitting on his own..

  6. swissmiss said:

    i wondered the same thing and i went on gerbers website and they have a system that will tell you that this food is for sitters, crawlers or walkers. i think i started my son on 2nd food at 6 or 6 and ahalf months. he should be okay just start slow and i just started him on the third foods (9months now) the mushy one’s he’s late on getting teeth and doesn’t walk yet so i haven’t started him on any hard foods.

  7. Twins+1 WWDYOTD? said:

    I skipped it. I went right to finger foods off purees.

    Stuff like veggies, fruits, cheerios, etc. They never really had teething biscuits. I tried them but they were nasty and they liked frozen bananas in a mesh feeder better. Or frozen grapes in a mesh feeder. Awesome!


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