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Is it hard to start your baby on Solid Foods?

My son will be 3 months old tomorrow, and I start him on cereal on Thursday.
I was wondering if this is a hard transition? Did your babies like/dislike it?
Did they gain weight fast?

I just wanna know other mommies experiences 🙂

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3 Responses to “Is it hard to start your baby on Solid Foods?”

  1. bookish said :

    This was a very long time ago for me, because my sons are in their mid-20s, but I don’t remember any problems with this. As for weight gain, they both grew like little sumo wrestlers, even before solid food. 🙂
    They really liked it when they could start to have baby food fruit, like bananas.

  2. Freakey said :

    well im not a mom but my baby sister ate cereal and enjoyed it. make sure its not hard cereal but the ones that say little puff

  3. Irena said :

    oh it is a delight to see their little faces so curious to food.
    they try something for the first time and they make a face like,
    “what the heck is this?”….”I like it!”
    yes they do gain weight fast. just make sure it is thin and pretty runny,
    if the cereal is too thick he may get constipated.
    plus they have other baby foods
    look for the # 1 on the food such as Gerber, they have fruits and veggies.
    #1 means they are on stage one food for 3 mo. and up.
    congratulations on your baby!!!
    -Happy momma-


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