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When did your baby start being more active?

More giggling and cooing and start to play with rattles?

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15 Responses to “When did your baby start being more active?”

  1. JamPyjamas said:

    When it was born 🙂

  2. Lorena said:


  3. crunchy hannah said:

    between a month and 2 months…as in at 1 month, he was showing interest in things and loved his play mat with the hanging toys and at 2 months he was holding rattles and shaking them and gumming them and became a lot more ‘interactive’ with his toys.

  4. Sarah W said:

    Well my sister started being more fun when she was about 5 months old. 🙂 shes 3 now but i wish i could go back 🙁 Enjoy every moment with your baby! time flies.

  5. Absolut Chik said:

    I think my daughter was 3 months. I THINK, she’s 4 now so that seems like 25 yrs ago to me lol. But I think it really started being alot more at like 3 months. And she hasn’t stopped makin noise since.

  6. [email protected] said:

    My little brother started to giggle a lot and started to grab a lot of things when he was about 4 months and a half !!!!

  7. Brenda said:

    When they are about 6 months old. Course every child develop differently, so, some earlier, and some later in life.

  8. mikehunt762 said:

    when he came out of my scrotum.

  9. Holly Wolly Mom to Jaden & Rylee said:

    My daughter is 2 1/2 months old. She will be 3 months on the 27. She grabs things and swats at things. She has been laughing out loud and giggling for about a week. She is so happy. She just loves to kick and play on the bed and reach for toys. She can grab them, but she just puts them in her mouth. She can’t really hold on to them once she grabs them either. It is more or less a grab/release thing with her. She coos all the time too. She say “Oh” and “Mmmm” and “gaga” and she squeals. I have never heard such a young baby squeal before. She has been squealing since she was about 7 weeks old. She just sucks in her breath and squeals when she is happy. HaHa Once babies start sitting up though, they learn to grab and play and know more of their surroundings. 🙂

  10. KT said:

    4 months of age 🙂

  11. *Love My Twins* said:

    At about 3 months.

  12. Eva said:

    My daughter started smiling at about 2 months. She would follow me around the room with her eyes, and she would hold her own weight on her legs as long as daddy and I were supporting her. She’s 3 1/2 months old now and she just rolled over from her tummy to her back last week. She’s starting to learn how to use her hands and arms now, which has resulted in plenty of bottles being slapped across the room. Haha. She can’t hold rattles yet, but she loves watching her mobile and tries to slap and kick at it. Now she laughs and squeals when we tickle her or make faces at her.

    My daughter was a month premature, so your baby’s milestones might be a little sooner than mine.

  13. ShardeW said:

    my son is 3 months now and i would say around 2 months is when he started. Now he’s smiling, laughing when you tickle him cooing like hes having a conversation with you. He watches me and smiles when i come in the room like he’s happy to see me! Its great and it gets so much better every day!

  14. theRuss1an said:

    both my boys were very alert at 1mth, they love toys, rattles, anything that makes noise. usually, however, babies dont do this until at least 4mths of age. it all depends on the baby – no two cases are the same

  15. Love Perseveres! A&C mommy said:

    Around 2 months, maybe. He was always very attentive and observant, from the moment he was born. He’s 13 weeks now and just starting to consciously grab things. I love it!


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