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How long after the baby drops do you typically go into labor?

My baby dropped and i wanted to know how long after does a person usually go into labor. I understand that there is a possibility that it could go full term, but i was just wondering. Thanks!

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6 Responses to “How long after the baby drops do you typically go into labor?”

  1. curiousme said :

    my first baby dropped when i was like 8 mths and i went to the due date .. this pregnancy im still high and 35w .. the babys been head down since 26 wks tho
    it depends i guess

  2. onlyme212529 said :

    It really doesn vary on the women and the babies.With my first daughter,she dropped around 38 wks and I had her at 40 wks and 3 days.My second daughter dropped at 35 wks and I had to be induced with her at 42 wks.My third daughter dropped at 40 wks and I had her at 40 wks 3 days and with my current pregnancy I am 40 wks today and she dropped about 2 months ago. So it really just varies.The old saying is after baby has dropped you should go into labor within 2 weeks but thats not always the case.

  3. Michelle said :

    My baby dropped at 32 weeks and I am now 34 weeks and my OB still thinks I will go to full term. Every women is different.

  4. Maddy's Mommy said :

    I dropped at 34 weeks and carried until 42 weeks 1 day before being induced.. so it really can be any time.

  5. ★Jen☆ loves her son :) said :

    It depends on every person.

    My son dropped around 34 weeks, but never fully engaged. I was induced a week early,but was completely unfavorable (no dilation or effacement), so there was no telling when I was going to go into labour. Totally possible to go term or over! 🙂



  6. said :

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