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How do I respond when an acquaintance delivers the news that she is pregnant?

…but it was unplanned…and she’s still in high school…yet she’s very excited about it…
Everyone keeps saying “Congratulations” but that seems very phony in this situation.

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5 Responses to “How do I respond when an acquaintance delivers the news that she is pregnant?”

  1. Becky preg EDD 10th June said:

    how else are you supposed to respond? “omg your making a huge mistake” most people do say congratulations because its 2nd nature to say that

  2. Jags said:

    You can always say something like good luck. It’s annoying when people say something insincere and she will most likely know that you are being that way.

  3. Miranda said:

    babies are always a miracle [even unplanned]
    i think if she’s so excited about it then yes, congratulations are in order.
    just because she’s young doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to be a horrible parent.
    i myself was a young mm [not in high school] but i was 19. & some of my good friends had children young [in high school] & they’re wonderful moms 🙂

    –hope it helps 🙂

  4. Alice said:

    It would be pretty rude and judgmental for you to say, “OMG! That’s terrible!”

    Just say “Congratulations” and don’t worry about sounding insincere. Make an effort not to.

  5. Chuckles said:

    Do not allow your own judgements/opinions to overshadow things.

    It may not seem right to you, but she is not you and you are not her.

    Don’t know how else to word the above, sorry if it comes across blunt.

    Congratulations and all the best is common courtesy to say when a pregnancy is announced. no matter how the pregnancy came about and also it does not matter how you personally feel, you can’t put your feelings onto another, that’s just wrong.

    So, smile, congratulate them, wish the the best and move on.

    You cannot say it seems “phony” in this situation, do not judge. Be thankful she is excited and taking the responsibility head on, not rushing off for an abortion.


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