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What type of flowers should I buy her for valentines day?

A girl I have been friends with for a long time is probably becoming more. We havent expressed anything yet, but its clear we are trying to break out of the friend zone and we have a valentines day date. I want to send her flowers that day before the date. I want them to say “i like you as more than a friend”, but nothing extravagent that is gonna put too much pressure on the situation.

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13 Responses to “What type of flowers should I buy her for valentines day?”

  1. Jaideep A said:

    tulips or roses

  2. sukinon said:

    Anything But Roses, That’s soooo 90’s. lol

  3. fanofozzyosbourne said:

    Carnations……they last the longest after being cut

  4. help me said:

    RED Roses!!!
    Howw cuuute!!

  5. ~*The Pendulum's Promise*~ said:


  6. valerie<3 said:

    pink and white roses-or if you don’t want to go to fast, just like some orchids or anything pretty<3

  7. happihawkeye said:

    Roses or red carnations.


  8. Mariam knows best said:

    dozens of roses its girls favorite flower

  9. Ellbell said:

    okay send her roses, always cute, probably red ones, if u dont like that idea go with like a tulip or carnation. good luck!

  10. Alicia said:

    Roses! Red ones!

  11. Lori H said:

    Pick , daffodils or whatever is wild where you live.
    Daisy is a cool friend flower mix it up with something else

  12. ANA said:

    red roses are for love so without pressure why not give pink roses with a couple of red ones in the middle.

  13. Lauren R said:

    LOVE GERBER DAISIES. They come in all colours. look at attached.

    they are my favourite 🙂


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