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what should i do for valentines day and for a gift?

the guy i have been seeing for 4 months finally asked me out. when i told him i disliked valentines day he asked me if i wanted to do something that day. what would be some good ideas that both him and i might enjoy. an what would make a cute gift saying that i like you but im not in love with you as of yet. and i know one gift could be me or sex so please do not say that.

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4 Responses to “what should i do for valentines day and for a gift?”

  1. poofypanda said:

    I know this is mostly in Japan, but chocolates (homemade is the best, it symbolizes that you put your heart in it) are good. You can make them sweet or bitter, depending on what type of chocolate and what ingredients.
    Another present is maybe a piece of clothing or a key chain, again, preferably homemade.

    Basically, homemade items = +! It doesn’t tell him that you’re in love with him, just that you took enough time to make that present just for him. You can make almost absolutely anything, things for work, a pillowcase with his name on it, the possibilities are endless (I think this is a little too much, but coupons for like, a massage, a hug or a kiss would be sorta cool too..).

  2. Maryann said:

    Visit my blog for hundreds of ideas!

  3. Diane said:

    How about a movie? It doesn’t have to be romantic. I got my boyfriend-now-husband “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” for Valentine’s Day after we started dating.

  4. YimZwiK said:

    you can buy cheap chocolates and give it to him.

    you can buy cheap chocolates at


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