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What should i get for a valentines gift to…?

a sixteen year old boy.
he plays football,wrestling highschool champ.
and is always joking,with a great personality.

money isn’t a factor at all but everytime i ask him he says “nothing,or whatever baby,it doesn’t matter”. please don’t be negative with your answer.don’t waste your time.haha
thanks guys!

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4 Responses to “What should i get for a valentines gift to…?”

  1. brittanyda109054 said :

    Honestly, find out more about what he likes, even football shaped candy would be funny if they have it. My boyfriend knows how much i looooooooooooooove Red bull so he bought me a 24 pack for Vday! lol its not always about chocolate, but if you do know a specific candy/ies that he really likes then get them! Say he loves dark chocolate and pesi… get him a whole bunch of them ( especially Godiva or very good quality dark chocolate) and put it in a basket with a cheesy stuffed animal. Or get him a really nice red shirt. It could be anything you want! have fun with it and break out of the cliche of JUST a box of chocolates and a balloon! make it your own:) hope that helped at all

  2. Derrik Lucky said :

    a football from the superbowl if money doesnt matter or get a champion belt from the rock!!!

    good luck

  3. delaney ;] said :

    sports stuff

    the person above had a very good anser i cant beat,,,

    be original!!
    its hard (i’m gavin the same prob) but you’ll find something

  4. Miss kitty said :

    Why dont you plan a activity for the both or with friends something creative, a day dedicated to him . Do something exciting like wall climbing, water sports, movies, dinner at the beach, camping weekend, paintball ect. Then buy him cloths to wear that day or a nice watch. Good luck


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