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Should I get him a Valentines gift?

My best friends ex, just told me last night tha he likes me. I like him too, but I wasnt planning on telling him until my friend got over him. (allthough it has been over 4 months :(Anyways, this boy goes to my school, and we go to church together, and youthgroup. He didnt exactly ask me out, but our situation is almost as if we are going out. So what Im asking is should i get him something? Hes 14, and so am I. What should I get him?
Ok. Im NOT throwing away my friendship with her, I love her wayyy more than I like this guy. It suprised the hell out of me when he told me this last night, I wasnt even going to say anything to him, all for my friend! And im not making a big deal out of this, and were NOT going out, even if he actually asked me i wouldnt because of my friend. I just am not sure whats going on because he was really flirting with me and it was just strange and im really confused right now.

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7 Responses to “Should I get him a Valentines gift?”

  1. Apple Juice said:

    Don’t get him anything!!!!!!! Valentines day is for us… not them lol. Atleast not til you’re serious.

  2. Kait said:

    seriously your willing to throw away your best friend for a boy at age 14?? if you do get together i guarantee it wont last past high school… you best friend most likely would

    well if you wouldnt even go out with him if he asked you for your friend? then why would you eveer consider buying him a valentines day gift? just forget him you shouldnt even be considering it

  3. Katie M said:

    Hey! My advice would be don’t get into anything to fast. You’re really young. Also, be really sensitive to your best friend’s feelings. If you think that it would hurt her to give this guy a gift, then just don’t! If he really likes you, then he’ll understand where you’re coming from in this. I hope this helps!

  4. Nero said:

    you need to talk to your friend first… and if you do get him something it has to be very small. you cant out do his gift, and you don’t know how big his will be. it would be safe not to get anything, but if you feel you must, don’t get anything big at all.

  5. dk said:

    Sure! I would but only if I could find it in the trash…

  6. lovely said:

    All of your friends exes are ALWAYS off limits. ALWAYS! Remember this rule and you’ll live a drama free life. (Seriously, there are no exceptions to this rule.)

  7. kim h said:

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