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Valentines day date should i get a gift if it is the first date…. what should i get her?

we are both 18 if it matters. we will probably just go the movies.

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8 Responses to “Valentines day date should i get a gift if it is the first date…. what should i get her?”

  1. xbonez said:

    first date? nah, i wouldn’t give a gift. at max, take a rose since its V day, but thats about it.

  2. scrgrl said:

    I think a gift would be appreciated on Valentines Day. You should make it light and frivolous. A very romantic gift could be awkward. I think a silly children’s valentine card would be both thoughtful and amusing in this situation.

  3. ecoquest33 said:

    I would go with something simple – a single rose or small bouquet maybe. Women love gifts but don’t go overboard for a first date.

  4. Angery932 said:

    ya do likie every classy guy would do, first date or not, its Valentines day, get her a flower

  5. Matt said:

    Flowers. A small bunch, if you’re going straight to the cinema and meeting her there, she won’t want to carry them around probably so go for chocolates.

  6. hell tycoon said:

    a rose bouquet…and some heart chocolates

  7. Lisa said:

    a rose be nice

  8. Jesse said:

    Flowers are absolutely necessary. She may be disappointed if you don’t get her some. Not a huge bouquet of all roses, but a small mixed bouquet or a single rose with some baby’s breath around. Place a card in with the flowers that says “Be my Valentine”.
    That should do it.


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