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What should i do for a first date on valentines day?

Im 17 and i asked a girl out on Valentines day. What are some good ideas?

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8 Responses to “What should i do for a first date on valentines day?”

  1. Dynamite said:


  2. Due March 13th 2009 said:

    a nice dinner

  3. swamp~fox said:

    hit up the movies so it doesnt get too awkward. its a lot cheaper than dinner and you dont have to talk to each other the whole time plus seeing girls eat makes me nervous

  4. Cyan said:

    oh my god are you kidding!!!!!!!! thats perfect!!!!!!!! take her to a very nice dinner, buy her flowers, and take her home. usually it would look cheesy to buy her flowers on any date but that would be a perfect day. good luck

  5. BD said:

    Dinner and a rose if you’re really into her. 🙂 Good luck!

  6. John M said:

    get your sausage in her chicken taco!

  7. greysanatomylover3 said:

    take her out to a fancy dinner, buy her flowers, and watch a romantic movie with her at home.

  8. maeggieloo said:

    movies most definitely


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