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Should I get her a valentines day gift?

Weve hung out a few times, yesterday, were going to a party today, then tomorrow were going to the mall to see the movie valentines day. Should I get her a gift? And if so, what should I get her?

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6 Responses to “Should I get her a valentines day gift?”

  1. LOLA<3 said:

    Yes yes yes!
    Especially if you like her.
    Chocolate, flowers, the usual but they are all still great!

  2. jz14 said:

    Yeah, you should. Get her a victoria secret perfume. Nothing too big.

  3. Katie said:

    of course!!

  4. Lluvia said:

    Yes you should girls say that gifts don’t really matter but as a girl trust me they do!!! You Should get her Chocalets Or Some roses

  5. Sid B said:

    Wear your best suit jacket and appropriate clothing to match. Take a SINGLE rose, I would say red but you may know of a better favourite colour. Hold it inside your jacket or behind your back. ( in case her parents siblings roommate or alien visitors open the door ). When she comes up to you take it and simple ” I got this for you “

  6. lostinmtown said:

    Do you know of anything at all that she likes or is into? You could get her a card or even better make her a cute special card. Unless you know she likes the boxed chocolates with the unknown middles i wouldn’t go with that..hershey kisses would be safer lol..and flowers are always nice if you don’t know her that well (and they don’t have to be expensive). Or just be creative. No matter what though if you like her make sure you do something! she will most likely either be sad if you don’t or think you just want to be friends. let us know how it goes!


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