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Should I get my boyfriend a Valentines Day Gift?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about six months now and the past few years for Valentine’s Day I have been either in a wreck with a relationship or single. Would it be inappropriate to do so, or cute? We are really close, & have an unbelievable connection.

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4 Responses to “Should I get my boyfriend a Valentines Day Gift?”

  1. Oscar said:

    No!!!!!!!! guys arent like girls, we hate that stuff. i dont care how much you think “oh he is different” NO if you give him one than he will put on some fake smile and and give you a fake thank you.

  2. Will-i-am said:

    I would say, go for something cheap and that shows you deep and most personal emotions towards him. Be happy that your with somebody you love and are still with today!!!

  3. Kristen W said:

    Whoever replied with that – it’s bologna! Guys like to be pampered, thought of, etc. I know, because of my successful relationships and what the men in my life have shared. Granted, they don’t like the fru-fru gifts – chocolates, cards, etc. that will just take up space. However, I did find the best success with giving my man useful items for Valentine’s Day because it still shows I’m thinking of him.

    The most recent gift I bought was a falcon necklace. It was masculine, and it had special meaning for him and I because it was meant to keep him safe during travels. That is the link to the necklace if you want ideas.

    But yes, I’d say give him something, because he will probably get you something and may be hurt if you don’t reciprocate – especially if you are really close and have a deep connection.

  4. cathy said:

    if you say you have a special connection that means that you 2 are getting along. and that’s why you can offer him a gift, something that will show him you appreciate this relationship, something related tou both of you. here is an idea of a unique present that will impress him: a 100% hand made painting from one of your both best photo portrait. I tried this for my babe and the effect was can check it out too


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