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What should I do with my fairly new girlfriend on Valentines Day?

Ok, so I just got a new girlfriend and as you know Valentine’s Day is coming up and I need some ideas. What’s a good Valentine’s date? Any thoughts you have please let me know. Thanks!

P.S. I’m 16 she’s 15.

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6 Responses to “What should I do with my fairly new girlfriend on Valentines Day?”

  1. gσ тαянєєℓѕ!(21-2) ι ♥ є∂ ∂ανιѕ! said:

    Just go out to dinner or go to a movie w/ her( I suggest dinner tho, coz Im pretty sure My Bloody Valentine isnt a good Valentines movie!)

  2. CubanCutie said:

    How about dinner and a movie?

    Or you could plan an at home movie date, just rent a few movies, buy popcorn with some M&M’s in it, and get some other snacks like ice cream and whip cream, invite her over and relax
    hope this helps!!

  3. Sami said:

    Taking her somewhere special to HER, giving her something nice, possibly home made, and just showing you care. most people make valintine’s day a materilistic holliday, but it doesn’t need to be…

  4. x :: Stacee :: x said:

    I agree, or make it extra special and cook her something at your place with a movie and candles.
    Saves you some money too!

  5. yanksgirl2 said:

    Dont take her out to dinner… everyone else will be there, taking away from the special night,… to make the evening perfect.. you should cook diner for her at home and have candles to make it nice and then after dinner have some good movies picked out… chick flicks are prob best eventho if ur a guy u dont like them.. and then give her her gift after the movie… the mood should be good but up to u depeding on how romantic u want it to be

  6. alice cullen said:

    pack a home made picnic for her at the park with candles and nice valentines cake for desert


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