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What can I plan special for me and my hubby for valentines day?We are so tired of Dinner and a movie type date

we have been together for eight years and it seems like we are in a rut, I really want to do something that will spark our romance and let him know how much I love and appreciate him.

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11 Responses to “What can I plan special for me and my hubby for valentines day?We are so tired of Dinner and a movie type date”

  1. shashana2003 said :

    The poconos.

  2. silverbirch said :

    What about a day at a theme park? Something really silly that you would only do when you first start dating.

  3. Christy said :

    Weekend at a hotel and some new lingerie.

  4. Joe K said :

    Go skiing or take a ride out to the mountains. They are beautiful this time of year.

  5. cheergirl said :

    well maybe if he has a favorite thing to eat or he really loves something that you cook you could make him a nice and romantic dinner and then once yall are finished yall can go for a walk outside underneath the stars and just enjoy eacothers company. I find that really romantic.

  6. adrianne said :

    Try something new like indoor skydiving or even just going out of town. You two just need a new hobby.

  7. Niki said :

    Go out and pick up the Feb. issue of Better Homes and Gardens. They have a great outline on a perfect meal for two, involving him helping you make it. This gives you two time to spend in “close quarters”, as far as the day goes, I would find something fun for the two of you….I think a theme park is too kid like. You need something more suited for an adult taste.

    Im sure you can think of something fun for the both of you! Even if its just a romantic walk, sitting on the beach, with a bottle of good wine and watching a sunset. Think romantic thoughts.

    Also fun….As he leaves for work, make sexy little notes and put them in his pockets when he’s not looking. That way when he’s at work, and reaches for something he will get a sexy surprise from you….and he’ll be thinking about it all day!

    Have fun!


  8. hai said :

    i think it would be very nice to put roseies on your bed and down the stairs in the bath and put candles around the bath and in your bebroom get some lights that are dim but not to dim that will make the room look sexy and will put some of the spark it and put some champain in ice with to glassies in the bath room and bed room that will put spark and get things sexy and you could also get some sexy underwear if you wanted to make it really sexy and put the spark in your romance try it because it works

  9. ahi_tuna_extra_rare said :


  10. kgriffin112986 said :

    How about u cook a romantic dinner for him and buy some sexy under wear and after dinner shower together then give him a little show with chocolate and fruit

  11. sassy6 said :

    Here are some great books that you may want to get him:

    52 Invitations To Grrreat Sex: It All Begins with a Lick – Laura Corn;

    The Cosmo Kama Sutra: 77 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions – The Editors of Cosmopolitan;

    The Romantic’s Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love – Michael Webb;

    The Fantasy Book: A Pillow Book of Romantic Fantasies – Gary Silver;


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