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What to wear for my valentines date?

my boyfriend and i are planning to go to dinner today but im not sure on what to wear the weather is hot but i dont want to look all summerish im planning to wear something black but im not sure

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6 Responses to “What to wear for my valentines date?”

  1. Blayne H said:

    red =D

    red = sexy

  2. peggy w said:

    i agree with black or red its a fact that men like those colors.dont worry about what you wear just worry about what you say its valentines and guys want more of words then clothes.

  3. iLove said:

    Wear a cute dress in red or black or pink and brown. But most importantly HAVE FUN 😀

  4. Zoe D said:


  5. Jen said:

    Jeans and your sexiest top. Think black or red and lacy. Spice it up with some red jewelry to be festive, but not overbearing.

  6. Gloria M said:

    it depends… like if it is something fancy then pick out a nice fancy (black if you wish) dress. if it is something like Subway then pick out a casual t-shirt and shorts. have fun!


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