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What to wear to a high school valentines day date?

So im going with my boyfriend and his friend and a girl his friend likes. Its a high school date and we don’t have a fancy restaurant in this town so I can’t be too fancy. I also don’t want to outdo the other girl going, she’s not the most popular girl in my school and she is kind of nerdy-ish. She’t not extremely skinny either and I dont know her but she is sooooo nice and i dont want to out do her or she outdoes me. HELP ME?
can you give me some kind of picture too?

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4 Responses to “What to wear to a high school valentines day date?”

  1. William Bartsch said:

    Simply go naked with a an astronaut’s helmet on.

  2. NICK said:

    well i can’t give pic but dress not to sexy not to nerdy like 20% better than u do usually : ) and wear red reD RED RED!!!!

  3. Tiffany said:

    Hey! This seems cute and it’s only $17. It’s simple but really cute, you don’t have to be worried that you’re going to outdo her or having her outdoing you.

  4. RachaeLynn said:

    A nice idea for a dance would be A good pair of Skinnies,a nicely patterened shirt.No words.maybe a nice light pale color shirt with a jacket(white or grey).As for shoes,ballet flats,or a low heel shoe would look nice.Because dresses are normally worn to prom not for dances.


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