Valentines date/ what to wear:)))) kinda long but helppppp;)?

Were both 15. We don’t want to spend a lot of money cause we don’t have thousands of dollars:)
I already have his gift; I made him a hugeee card& I filled a 5 subject notebook with things I love about him/ memories we’ve had and stuff. And candy hearts(I will get) and a 40 inch teddy bear. Valentines day is our 5 month annaversy& I want it to be extra special:) please help me out on what I should wear& what we should doo:)

Thanks in advance;)

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2 Responses to “Valentines date/ what to wear:)))) kinda long but helppppp;)?”

  1. Dani said:

    Just go to a movie.

  2. Harry Potter is awesome! said:

    Ideas to go to:
    go see a movie
    go out at an inexpensive but good restaraunt
    go ice/rollar blading

    What to wear:
    jeans and a cute top

    Hope I helped!


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