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Valentines Dinner date with boyfriend. What to wear????!?

He’s taking me to an Italian restaurant in the evening, I want to look gorgeous ^.^ but if theres a walk involved then I don’t want to freeze =/ Any ideas?? Would be a great help!! Will chose one suggestion to go with and rate best answer 🙂

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5 Responses to “Valentines Dinner date with boyfriend. What to wear????!?”

  1. Marina said:

    beautiful dress, jewelry, and remember to always brush your hair before you come to see him. Just make valentines day for just you and him.

  2. I'm the Writer said:

    I would wear a red or pink dress to get into the valentines spirit. You could also wear a red skirt, with a nice loose blouse. High heels. And a simple but beautiful necklace, like pearls or diamonds.

    Have fun you two!

  3. iLoveGaara said:

    Wear something red. lol. Like a red dress, but with a cute little jacket to match, just in case it gets a little chilly.
    Red = Love.
    Love = Valentine’s day.
    They all kinda compliment eachother. lol. Don’t make the dress too flashy, because you’ll stand out waaaaay too much lol. Or if you’re not feelin the dressy vibe, go for a cute skirt and a nice blouse. Something cute, but it blends in a bit. And wear a bit of light make up here and there. Enough to compliment your face, but not enough to be like : BAM! HERE I IS!
    Also, wear comfortable shoes. If there’s a walk involved, you don’t want to go rolling down/in the street lol. Don’t forget jewelry!! If you wear red, go for silver jewelry, becuase it compliments really well. And its DAZZLING. @[email protected] lol

    Good Luck!!
    ~iLoveGaara ♥

    And Dont forget the Matching Purse!! lol

  4. lora said:

    there are loads of lovely jersy dresses out just now, and even tho they cover you on top(keeping you warm) they can look fab really short, nice glossy tights and stiletos. you could wear your hair down and a very simple but shiny necklace. have a lovely evening.x

  5. sally_little03 said:

    If you just think you know this answer. What do you wear that he really likes? It don’t have to be flashy. It don’t have to be expensive. I’ve been married 40 years. At this point it isn’t what you wear. It’s the fact that the love is there and the two of you were made for each other. This time of year and knowing it’s been cold. A very nice sweater. The rest is up to you that will make you comfortable.


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