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I need valentines ideas for the high school banquet?

OK we already have the event going and decorated, the thing is we don’t know what to do for entertainment! we need ideas and fast :S
any idea would be great! thanks

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4 Responses to “I need valentines ideas for the high school banquet?”

  1. Cisco Kidd said :

    strippers should do the trick…or mabey a donkey if you can find one

  2. Wagen said :

    Bring a CD player, and have a DJ play quiet love ballads, none too noisy for dinner. Hallmark just put out a Valentine CD MoTown love ballads. See below.

  3. ninewst22 said :

    spin the bottle?

  4. nightingale17 said :

    Dance? You can never go wrong with that…um maybe hand out prizes?


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