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I need cheap Valentines day Date ideas.?

We live in Indiana, so any outdoors things are a no go! We have been together for 6 years and Just want to do something special for a date but not break the bank either! Please any ideas? Cheaper the better!

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7 Responses to “I need cheap Valentines day Date ideas.?”

  1. Brownie said:

    Just go to a movie or something

  2. Pringuita said:


  3. Island Girl said:

    do you have a fireplace.. how about an indoor picnic candkle light and a fire.. blanket on the floor. nice cooked dinner that can be ate while lounging on pillows with either good music or just good conversation.
    i love to go on picnics indoors when my kids are gone, and i have a very sheer or tiny or not much to it lingerie on while i feed my man raw oysters on the half shell and crab legs , with the lights down low..
    theres something said for things with alot of preparation or hardly anydependingn on what you put on to what you plan to serve that comes from the heart rather than a deep pocket..

  4. Ashleigh said:

    Candle light dinner at your house.

  5. sadmariedied said:

    no offense that is easy take an make a romantic dinner for two with some good music then after dinner give her a nice back rub followed by a watch a couple of her favorite movies then follow that up with a nice romantic bubble bath for two or just for her followed by night of passionate love making plus u could also get her some chocolates and some beautiful red roses and maybe a nice teddy bear

  6. AB said:

    Buy a picture frame and craft it with phrases and things that are common to both of you. It wont be more than 20 bucks and it’s a personalized gift anyone will appreciate.

  7. Freddie said:

    I am married for 41 years,…..gee maybe we did some thing right I will tell you what would work on me. Candle light, warm home made chicken noodle soup, Grilled cheese sandwich, a glass of white wine, Kenny G in the back ground.

    I know that you ladies think that we men only want you to wear the most uncomfortable lingerie, here is an idea that works on me also. When my woman is freshly showed and smells like flowers, with her hair made up so pretty, just a hint of make up, skimpy panties, and one of my old Tee shirts, I am an old guy that would think he was 35 years old again. Remember you are the one that controls everything, a quick kiss, a feel of your mounds, and a quickie in the sack is not my idea of a sweet memorable evening,………so drag it out! You might be surprised.


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