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I need some Valentines date ideas for me and my boyfriend.?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about two months. The thing is that we are both still in high school and we live in such a small town there is nothing really to do. So what is something fun and romantic that we can go do??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease help!!!

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7 Responses to “I need some Valentines date ideas for me and my boyfriend.?”

  1. Twilight Prince said:

    Motel Room, or romantic restaurant…

  2. Tina said:

    just have a picnic or just exchange gifts. Spend your time together that would be enough

  3. squirrels_are_cool said:

    you could throw stones at some little kids.

  4. Batdan said:

    If it’s clear get a blanket to snuggle under and find a dark field to go stargazing and snuggling. If it’s too cold try snuggling at home with take-out and a movie. Be sure to sneak a kiss every now and then.

  5. funnyzombies said:

    I gave my girlfriend a card with candy that spells words like V Day and love, lots of heart-shaped balloons, chocolate, and a teddy bear with her name sown on the bear’s sweater and holding a rose. Later Dinner at Andiamos italian restaurant.
    I loved the expression on her face. Too many emotions to describe it.
    Well for a guy that works really well.

    O yeah you can cuddle and make out.

  6. jamie c said:

    go for a walk in the park late at night. hold hands, cuddle. kiss, talk

  7. Sax M said:

    Hot monkey sex in the barn.


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