what to wear for my valentines day date?

Help me with what to wear for my valentines day dinner?
i bought these shoes and dont know what else to wear for my valentines date:


i was thinking black skinny jeans that way the shoes stand out, but i have no idea what to wear for a top! i dont think i want red, because that’ll be too much red and then the shoes wont stand out.

i also thought of a red dress and the shoes, but its awfully cold here (in new england) and i would need tights/leggings and i dont really want to wear tights, especially black ones, as i dont really like the style of a red dress and black tights/leggings.

HELP! no its not a first date, its with my boyfriend of 6 years, we just moved in together, and i never get dressed up anymore, im always in sweatpants and stuff so i want to look sexy since he never sees me all dressed up anymore!

thank you so much
its not a really fancy restaurant, just so you have an idea about the atmosphere.. mostly business casual, but also family-friendly. (its our favortie restaurant)

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2 Responses to “what to wear for my valentines day date?”

  1. Laura said:

    Black skinnies and a white shirt and cardigan OR a little black dress with sheer tights then the shoes cause that goes with everything!

  2. Pat MaCrotch said:

    wear tan pantyhose


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