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what should i wear on an important valentines date?

I want to look AMAZING…my boyfriend is really good to me…and usually i dress very casual…therefore i will have to go and buy a new outfit…does anyone have any suggestions on what to wear? i want to look hot…high heels, the whole 9 yards…thanks 🙂

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2 Responses to “what should i wear on an important valentines date?”

  1. Ballistic B said:

    black or dark red probably
    keep it nice or fancy but its valentines day with your lover, so maybe make it alil sexi too
    i dont know how things are with you but that might pay off later ;] lol
    and maybe if you dont already have one you should get a locket :] put ur pictures in it
    im sure youll look great :]

  2. classic movie b said:


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