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What should I wear on my date for valentines day?

Valentines Day is less than a week away and I’m looking for tips on an awesome outfit, hair, etc. I have short dark hair and in my teens. My fashion sense isn’t great because I’m about as tomboy as a girl can be, but I really want to surprise him : P

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12 Responses to “What should I wear on my date for valentines day?”

  1. Lynne said:

    red and low-cut

  2. ellesoccergal said:

    a flirty skirt not mini maybe a patterned skirt with matching top and fitted jacket.

  3. Isaliakia said:

    something pretty maybe a red dress w/ velcro fasteners.

    mmmmmm velco!

  4. flirtygirl said:

    something red or something that looks great on you. I say red cause it is the color of the holiday. But wear something that makes him say the words “you look lovely tonight” or Wow. but you decide by the way it is your body.

  5. melon_rose said:

    definitely not pants! either a skirt or dress, and something with red in it. a cute purse (red?) and shoes would go a long way too.

    have a great time!

  6. ILoveKrishna said:

    i’m EXACTLY liek you!!!!!!!!!well, i would say a knee length skirt, and a conservative top is great!for your hari, leave it out or wear it in a slopppy bun!!!!!!!

  7. Rodeo Girl 55 said:

    Wear a red or pink shirt with a cute denim skirt or kahki capris. You should wear a necklace or earrings with hearts on them. Your shoes should be nice dressy tenni shoes and clip a little of your hair back like if you have bangs clip them back and keep the rest down or half up half down. Did that cover it all ;-D

  8. brianne is bombb said:

    Here is what I suggest:

    -a red, pink, white or maybe even black dress that is around the knee length [ or whereever is comfortable with you ] and is not too tight but not baggy, maybe lowcut if thats what your in to.
    -red or black flats like ballerina slipper shoes [ those are really cute and in style right now ]
    -wear your hair down straight or maybe you could curl it into ringlets? that would be cute
    -for makeup I would say go with a little black eyeliner, defintaley mascara, pink lipgloss, and silvery eyeshadow but not too much of it or it will be like BAM!
    -a little black or red clutch purse would be cute
    -and for jewelry I would say maybe a Tiffany heard necklace if you have one but if you dont you can wear a silver necklace with somethine on it like a charm, some kind of cute silver ring, and dangly earrings but not too big just cute and simple

    I hope this helped you!

  9. Patty M said:

    “Fluff” your hair and let it fall naturally. Use very little make up – only to highlight your best features. I would guess you have beautiful eyes.

    A tomboy generally has an athletic body. So a knee-length sleeveless dress in a bright color to show off those lovely legs and graceful slender arms. A matching cape/shawl and 1 and 1/2 inch heels. Dress up the day before to get used to the feel so you’ll be walking as if you’ve done this a hundred times.

    Confidence will impress him more than your clothes.

  10. ♥fASTcARS&&fREEDOM said:

    Try a jean mini and a white/pink/red polo. accessorize with a bold necklace (i like the chunky ones at claires), or chunky bracelets. Add silver, gold, or white ballet flats to finish it off. If you wear a white polo, you can wear a pink or red necklace, or if you wear a pink shirt, a white necklace, etc. Try your hair in a low ponytail, or half-ponytail, or down. If you don’t like it down, but you want something more, try a braid or a french braid. Wear a little lip gloss and blush, plus eyeshadow. Don’t overdo it though.
    Good Luck! Hope you have fun!


  11. S. B. C said:

    First of all, you didn’t mention where you were going on your date! That will have a lot to do with what you wear. If you’re going to go bowling, then you’ll not want to wear a dress, but if you’re going out to a nice restaurant, you might want to wear a nice dress or a nice skirt and top, with heels…but wear something that you’ll feel comfortable in…don’t wear really high heels if you’re not used to wearing them…and don’t wear something low cut or overly sexy if you’re not used to that or comfortable hanging out like that, either. Believe it or not, some guys choose “tomboys” as their girlfriends because girls who are too girly and frilly make them feel uncomfortable. Just look neat, and clean, and like a girl..and wear a smile, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Oh…and maybe wear something with at least a little red in it. Have a really good time, and just relax! He’s going out with you because you’re YOU …not because of what you’re wearing.

  12. elodie said:

    U could wear a black jeans with a red shoes and a Gucci bag.. a simply but full of charme date dress..


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