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What should I get a date (NOT girlfriend) for valentines?

Theirs this girl that I like and Ive asked her out but she said she just wanted to be friend due to having a very bad experience. The guy dog’d her out after 2 weeks. and it was her first relationship. I just thought about asking her out for valentines day and then to buy her a gift but not sure what to get her. Or should I not get her something. Most likely we will be double dating with her roomate and my best friend who are a couple. send me a message if u need more info, all I need is the best possible advice. if your thinkin of birthstone, send me a message cause she might see this. Thanks,

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9 Responses to “What should I get a date (NOT girlfriend) for valentines?”

  1. drgoodhi said:


  2. nicegirl6720 said:

    Get her a valentine card. Keep it simple and cute, not too mushy. No gifts. That would be weird.

  3. Lynnix said:

    Yellow or pink roses. Roses are classic. Yellow is for friendship, and pink is love, but more of a sweet kind love. Red is passion so stay away from red.. at least for now

  4. mrjayride said:

    If you aren’t actually seeing each other, go for the basic gifts like Roses or gourmet chocolates. If you are looking for something a little different, try my favorite thing to give: A glass-blown rose. They look like crystal and girls can keep them forever.

  5. syhui said:

    chocs n roses.. a dinner treat on V day

  6. Mary Lou said:

    i’d go with flowers, you can never go wrong with flowers. maybe not a dozen roses. maybe find out what her favorite flower is and when you pick her up give her like one or a small bouquet. if the girl is worried about dating because of a bad experience then go with something simple so that you don’t frighten her away. i don’t think that jewelry is a good idea, thats what you get for a gf.

  7. JADE said:

    A box of chocolates, if she’s into chocolates would be a non-threatening but thoughtful gift. Her favorite CD if you know what it is and she doesn’t have it yet or a DVD she enjoys. Flowers, they don’t necessarily have to be roses so she’s not threatened. A funny stuffed toy if she’s into this. Determine her hobbies, e.g., crosswords, sudoku, books, sewing, knitting, photography, etc., and get her something along her hobby line.

    Stay away from jewelry— it’s too personal and too soon.

  8. pregagain said:

    Don’t give her roses – just some casual flowers be nice – colorful gerberas are friendly flowers that all girls like. Theres plenty of “friendship” cards around too, check them out at the card shop and find the right one. The best love relationships often come from being friends first, so do that for now and if it moves to the next level, great and if not, then it’s just not meant to be

  9. cutet88 said:

    A card, teddy bear and chocolate or a card a single rose and teddy bear not a huge one.


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