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my girlfriend canceled our valentines date! whats up with her?

we were talking on the phone last night, and we were talking about tomorrow, i asked if she was ready and she said no, bc this was the first time a man took his time to plan something so romantic for her, she has had a bad past of bfs, then she started saying stuff about how falling in love is stupid and pointless bc it`ll only hurt more if u love some1 and it doesnt work, so i didnt really say anything and she was like well im out and hung up on me, i didnt call her back but i did txt her and say whats up with u, and she was like i wanna be alone, i said y, she wouldnt tell me y but she did say that she wasnt coming tomorrow for our valentines plans, i mean idk whats up? is she trying to push me away or somethings, please answer, need some help??!!

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9 Responses to “my girlfriend canceled our valentines date! whats up with her?”

  1. Aaron said:

    Shes just trying to get more attention, of course she wants to do something tomorrow. No does mean yes, and you should go and pick her up as planned. If once you get there she turns you away well thats just not cool and she then does have a problem!

  2. Alexis said:

    Let her go!

  3. amy-goodwithadvice. said:

    if she has had a bad past of boyfriend’s, then valentines day wont be easy for her.
    you need to be understanding and comforting. then she will come round.
    tell her that you no how she feels, but everything will be okay because you care about her.
    then if she still isn’t listening, + she doesnt want to go out tommorow evening,
    go to her house and just chat with her, but kind and caring.
    she will realise how much she likes you, and it will go from there again, and you might get a treat in her house instead :)!
    good luck xx.

  4. John said:

    May be she got a new bf for this year. Fuck off from her and find a new gf.

  5. blinky42 said:

    Your girlfriend is acting childish and immature and for sure she has “issues.” Are you sure you want somebody like that to share a special day like Valentine’s day, let alone call that person your girlfriend?? You sound like a nice guy and there is no excuse at all for your gf’s bad behavior and even if she has had a string of bad boyfriend’s, it doesn’t let her off the hook for behaving badly. I’d end it with her and ask another girl. Hurry, you have only one day left until Valentine’s day!

  6. Yvette G said:

    I think you know whats up, you just need confirmation.

    It could be 1 of two things, she wants to do something else with someone else. This is called
    Killing you Softly. She is Softly trying to push you off.
    She understands how important this is to you and that you went through alot of trouble. My advice is to do what she did when she calls you again….”Im out” Go find you a Nice Chick with self confidence.

    Oh yeah and the Second is she already has a Valentine…. Been there done that…
    Good Luck

  7. Tyler said:

    It seems as though she wants to be alone in this case. She is trying to figure out where you are in terms of some of her past bfs. I know it sounds wierd but for a lot of girls valentines day is extremely overwhelming for them. Maybe one of her past bfs broke up with her on valentines day and for her its just a pretty bad day in general. It doesn’t seem as though you’ve done anything wrong. Just wait it out and get her flowers or something romantic and don’t push her into hanging out. I hope this helps and that everything works out for you.

  8. converse girl said:

    she probibly thinks you brake up wit her or sumthin… has she had guy dump her on valentines day?
    id call her today and ask her if shes sure she doesnt wanna go.. and if she say yes DO NOT GO OVER TO HER HOUSE AND PICK HER UP TOMARROW! Thats like saying “i dont care what you say, were doing what i want”

  9. H.O.T said:

    She may be having family issues and she’s not meaning to but she comes out on you. Or someone may have passed away and she’s upset about it…there is many possible reasons! But u need to figure out what’s wrong with her so u can help her through it. Call her and ask whats wrong if she says nothing say we are dating and were supposed to tell eachother everything! Good luck boyy


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