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what kind of valentines gift can i give a roommate?

I just wanna get her something to show her that i care for her as a friend, or is valentines strictly a lovers thing? I do like her but only as a friend, any ideas, shes a vegitarian. I don’t know much about her, any universal gift ideas? I got her a giftcertificate for chrismas and she seemed to like that.

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4 Responses to “what kind of valentines gift can i give a roommate?”

  1. fatsausage said:

    A six pack of St. Dalfour French sugar free Jams make a great gift. I just had some of the Pear with Plain Yogourt – delicious.

  2. cornflake#1 said:

    It sounds a bit like you are giving these “gifts” with tongs. You say you don’t know much about her, but, have you actually taken the time to get to know this person?

    Of course you can give her stuff …. but it’s only stuff. Meaningless in the long-run. Clinical even…

    The most valuable thing you can give someone is your time and attention. So why don’t you arrange a girly night in – invite some friends – turn it into a retro-sleep-over or something – be as corny or creative as you want to. AND REMEMBER: It doesn’t have to happen on the 14th of Feb.

  3. Eskimo said:

    Give her a box of chocolate. It seems to be a pretty friendly gift. Researches show that about 99% of all women love chocolate. So it will for sure make her happy. And you can add a gift card to any department store like Macys or Nordstrom.

  4. Lea said:

    For both yours and her safety you can give her something that can help both of you against electrical incidents, with the power of electrical test equipments.


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