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what is the best valentines gift to give to a boyfriend who has everything?

I want to get him something really special because he is always doing so much for his daughter. He is a single dad and he deserves the best. I need some great gift ideas that would be special yet affordable. Also, should I get his daughter a valentines gift?

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12 Responses to “what is the best valentines gift to give to a boyfriend who has everything?”

  1. goma said:


    thats the best gift

  2. mrs. pookie said:


  3. C L said:

    Make him & his daughter dinner. Just remember real gifts are within. Not talking about sex either.

  4. ecarian said:

    At they have string quartet versions of popular bands and artists (like No Doubt, Metalica, Beach Boys, Garth Brooks–all sorts of artists)–they also have jazz and swing tribute albums. I would buy one of their CDs–a quartet or jazz version of one of his favorite bands–and have it playing in the background when you serve dinner (adding on to a suggestion someone else made). It will be fun to see how long it takes him to realize those violins are playing his favorite songs.

    And I would get a gift for his daughter–a box of candy or a stuffed animal or something. That would be sweet.

  5. Claudia C said:

    Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him:

    1. Personalized Boxer Shorts: ttp://

    2. Bring the spa to him, here are all Homedics massagers, he’ll enjoy them day after day:

    3. Add some spice and buy a romantic adult board game, which are fun and you can find many types here:

    For his child:

    1) Any girl would love a Heart Inspired Musical Box:;

    2) jewelry making set $20.00:

    You can find more unique Valentine’s Days gifts at Yahoo! Shopping’s Valentine’s Gift Center:

    Hope this helps!

  6. elingeriedvdtoys1 said:

    are you sure everything

  7. bynni_c said:

    Your time!

  8. Beauty_queen said:

    You are the best gift for hi but if you want to take him samething special buy him roses.The red roses means love.The white roses is means for you are friends.I choose to buy him red roses and a valentine card.If he has got an e-mail sent him an e-card from this site:

  9. se7en said:


  10. vices_01 said:

    give him a nice massage..go out have fun..the three of you together like one big happy family…

  11. Michelle M said:

    He must love his daughter very much. How about pictures of her, in a nice album or frame

  12. lil wanna said:

    id give him a sensual night a romantic passionate night . he doesnt have that much


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