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What kind of flowers would you give to your coworkers on valentines day? Is this a good idea?

This would be placed in the company office lobby. I want to give thanks to my coworkers. I am looking to give one or two flowers to brighten up the room.

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8 Responses to “What kind of flowers would you give to your coworkers on valentines day? Is this a good idea?”

  1. Beloved said:

    Thats very sweet to think of your coworkers like that! ^_^ I wish someone would do that over here too (lol, I’m working at a University Library).

    I think something simple but showing you care like daisies, wildflowers, mums, or even carnations would be nice.

  2. dub-a- licious said:

    I think they would appreciate chocolates more.

  3. Kitten said:

    try pink and red carnations but be very careful some people can get mixed messages from this kind gesture

  4. Deb said:

    A mixed bouquet of flowers would be a lovely gift and show apprecation for your co-workers.

  5. mardigras_00 said:

    Gerbera daisys are really nice. They are bigger than regular daisy’s, look more like mini sunflowers, and last a really long time. They also come in a wide variety of colors ( if you were looking for something other than red, pink or white) and are fairly inexpensive. They are also widely available at any florist, very common flower.

  6. doclakewrite said:

    sounds nice, some potted mums are always a favourite and last a long time..

  7. George F said:

    They might take flowers the wrong way, Get them chocolates instead

  8. Just trying to be me said:


  9. maxim.puzyrkovt said:


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