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What would be a good idea to give my boyfriend for valentines day?

We are both 13 and i want to get him heart shaped cookies or a build-a-bear bear. I really want to do this so help me decide.

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5 Responses to “What would be a good idea to give my boyfriend for valentines day?”

  1. Sen said:

    go to party city. nice ideas there =)

  2. Sarah said:

    If you make the cookies, I would definitely vote for the cookies. You should also make them his favorite kind (assuming that you know what he likes). I feel like the build-a-bear would be a lot less personal than the cookies, and what guy doesn’t like food? No matter what you choose, good luck!

  3. tale_the_pirate said:

    What about his favorite candy?Get a basket or a cute bag fill it with candy and small gifts

  4. C D said:

    fav. cookies will make him very happy

    The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach:P

  5. rose said:

    Well I think that cookies would be a cute idea.. especially if he’s into sweets.. you could make him one big cookie and in frosting you could write “i love you” or “your name + his name”

    Good luck!


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