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what is the best valentines gift to give to my girl friend ?

ok, im 16 and i have no idea what to get my girl friend for valentines day. so i have 2 questions u can answer 1 or both. 1st question (this ones for girls): what would u want more than any thing on valentines day? 2nd question(this ones for anybody): give any sugestions to what i should get my 16 year old girl friend for valentines day?

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17 Responses to “what is the best valentines gift to give to my girl friend ?”

  1. kiss2betrayal said:

    Do something romantic

  2. sheeegan said:

    1 – A single red rose.
    2 – A romantic evening watching a movie or a quiet meal at a not too expensive restaurant.

  3. dan r said:

    ipods i am telling you !!!it works!!!

  4. alilswt said:

    be sweet, try jewelry

  5. Patty D said:

    flowers and candy

  6. askharley said:

    I would like roses and chocolate (if your on a budget) or roses and a necklace of a hart or her fav animal

  7. Angela said:

    Last year my boyfriend decorated a picture frame and made a collage of pics of us from when we first started dating. It’s the best v-day gift I ever got. Thoughtful reminders of your relationship are the best way to go.

  8. Cadillacrazy said:

    one year I got my bf a beta fish (all red) put some red rocks in the tank and gave it to him. He liked it. if you do not know what she likes very well, and you can not think of something she will like, just get her some flowers. safe and always good. – oh yes and tell her how much you like her.

  9. mitzy_paz said:

    Girls want the guy’s love eternity more than anything else.

  10. Ivana M said:

    chocolates that is the best girls love that

  11. yves r said:

    a nice wedding ring or a valentine but, what i would give is a ps3

  12. KoolG said:

    Give her something that you made.
    Women usually appreciate it when you spend time to compile a cd, make a card from your pc,mend a broken barbie doll, what ever it is must all about her.

  13. Goddess said:

    Don’t go too crazy Lover Boy. It is very sweet of you to want to get something really nice for your girlfriend on Valentines Day but at 16yo, keep it simple. Try some pretty perfume and a CD of an artist she really likes. If you can find a sweet deal on some gold jewelery than go for it, but don’t go broke doing it. Another gift from the heart that is a great Valentines gift is homemade candy. You could probably find the kits in any party store. More importantly, take her out to dinner somewhere she likes and give her a single rose. It’s not about how much you spend on her, it’s about how thoughtful you are. Good Luck!

  14. Ambrianna said:

    16 years? Jewelry in general. Gold chains. Some Choice New clothes. Flowers, Dinner.. Nite Out, ..
    Sentimental Hand Written Letters are Always the Best

  15. Lance said:

    Your heart! And maybe another filled with chocolate!

  16. cc said:

    When I was 16 the guy I was dating got me flowers at school. Dinner that night. and A special gift in my locker. it was SOOOO sweet.

    FYI we have been married for 5yrs 3 kids

  17. q.d LoCz said:

    1. I want a boy/f
    2. Try to give her something meaning-full, jewelry or chocolate. May be some thing like bracelet or necklace dont try to by ring unless you want to married her.


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