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What is the best Valentines gift i can give to my husband?

I don’t have much time left so nothing that would take forever but i REALLY need help!

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7 Responses to “What is the best Valentines gift i can give to my husband?”

  1. monica your new bff said :


  2. Purple said :

    In this society, there are two gifts precious to a man:

    A faithful wife and
    A big screen TV

  3. Patrick M said :

    wild unbridled sex always works well

  4. sososad said :

    People always recommend “love making” when asked this question, but I dont get it cause he can get that anytime and he most likely will. I think you should get him a massage. Get him into a spa and pay for 2 hours of glorious rubbing down. He probably works really hard and deserves it. If you want to make it more romantic or cheaper do it yourself at home. Lay him in front of a football game, get him a drink and get the K-Y warming oil. It will feel great and then you can finish up “making love”…….

  5. isis150166 said :

    As you probably know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach and with sex!!!!!!!!! Cook his favourite meal and where what he likes you in or nothing at all!!!!!!!!!! lots of IOU’s written on heart shaped paper eg. iou as much passion as you want, iou everlasting love and devotion,. Or you could put a cd together of all your shared favourite songs (quite easily done on your pc).Write him a poem or a love letter. Book into a hotel for a romantic night or a weekend away somewhere you know he would like. Take a sexy photo of yourself andd put it in with a valentine card.Just give him loads of praise to boost his ego.Buy him something to do with his interest/hobby. But him something to make him laugh, a small, silly token. OR just tell him for valentines day your gift is everlasting love and your body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kevin A said : has good ideas and information on finding a good gift for Valentines Day.

  7. helen k said :

    for hubby


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