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Is it weird to give your boyfriends mother a valentines day gift?

im not family so would that be weird?

im 23, my boyfriend is 23.
we are in an LDR(long distance relationship).
i dont know his mother that well (ive only spoken to her 3 times).
we have been together for quite sometime.
we are serious.
we are committed.
so she may someday be my mother-in-law.

should i give her something?

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15 Responses to “Is it weird to give your boyfriends mother a valentines day gift?”

  1. Will G said :

    Yea i wouldnt…

  2. Clarissa S said :

    yeah its a little weird but just do it so she could see that your a good girl =)

  3. Do I know you? said :

    depends on the person

  4. Just Kiss Me said :

    no its not weird. ecspecially if you are close.

  5. RIVERKID said :

    I wouldn’t think so. I think it’s a nice gesture. —————-

  6. Naka *yes that Naka* said :

    What a lovely thought. Yes a very nice card telling her how much you love her son and that you look forward to knowing her better is not only appropriate it is plain old school manners.

  7. ♥ adrimazing :) ©˙ said :

    Its not necessary, but would be a nice gesture 🙂

  8. nobamaaa! said :

    She won’t expect you to, so why make it even more wierd?

  9. tlcaringlady4u said :

    no, it is to soon. I would wait until you really know her and you start a bond together….good luck!

  10. *Carlos* to the Extreme said :

    No, it’s not weird. She’ll appreciate it and so will my mother. My gf is scared to meet my mother. 😛


  11. xxfun2lovexx said :

    Yeah, that sounds nice. You don’t have to but if you find something she would like then you could. I got something for my bf’s mom for christmas but not sure for vday <3

  12. drakersally said :

    yes get her one it could’nt hurt.

  13. Smile For Me Now said :

    Yea I recommend you not do that

  14. Just have to believe in me♥ said :

    That will be very generous.
    It shows that you have respect and love for her.

  15. Dragon Art (Hyde&Maxie)formerly said :

    I wouldn’t….It would feel like I’m sucking up.

    Send her gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Easter…ect, but leave Valentines Day for the boyfriend…

    If you send her a gift, send it ” just cause” you thought she’d like it, not because it’s Valentine’s Day.


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