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What kind of flowers should I get the woman I am dating?

We have been on 4 dates during the past month and things seem to be going well. For our next date, I thought I would give her flowers, so no occasion, except that I want to convey that I really like her. We are both in our mid to late 20s. During this time of year in the mid-atlantic region, what is a good idea for flowers and I don’t want to be cliche and give her roses? Thanks!

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9 Responses to “What kind of flowers should I get the woman I am dating?”

  1. Martin said :

    go for white flowers!
    works all the time

  2. Alonetogether said :

    yeah roses are a bad idea. get her an orchid.. most women love orchids because they’re quite rare but not too pricey 🙂

  3. Kat said :

    Lilies are a nice flower without being cliche.

  4. Jay said :

    I think that flowers in general are cliched and are an unusual choice for someone so young.
    Instead spend those every few dollars/pounds etc on having an enjoyable/memorable night and not on something that will be in her bin dead within a couple of days.
    Good luck 😀

  5. Andy said :

    If you know any of her friends, then talk to them and ask them not to mention anything. Find out what her favourite flower is, that shows effort. Sure the friend will tell her even if they agree not too, but that also shows effort.

    Plus, it’s also a good idea in case the friend turns around and says she suffers badly from hey fever, that way you can get plastic flowers as a gimmicky gift to prevent a romantic gift turning into a miserable date.

  6. cookiemonster*(: said :

    something sweet.
    like lilies or daisys (:

  7. xninjagrrl said :

    I like the orchid idea. My local Home Depot sells some pretty orchids starting at around 15 bucks, although you should probably splurge and get her one of the better ones. The only thing that sucks is they only bloom once a year (so I have been told) but it is something she can keep, unlike roses which last a week or two then are gone for good.

  8. Lillian said :

    Roses are cliche – but a lot of girls really like them. They’d be a good pick. But since you want to do something different…I would say no to lilies – they are usually for weddings or funerals. In fact, steer clear of white flowers in general. Has she mentioned her favorite color to you? Or is there a color that she wears a lot of? Finding flowers in that shade would be nice. Another suggestion would be to go to your local florist and have them help you arrange a bouquet.

    I mean, you can’t go wrong here. No matter what you pick, she’s going to be really touched.

  9. Angel said :

    I would go to a flower shop or larger supermarket and just look around to see what looks fresh or jumps out at you that day.


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