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What kind of a messsage should i put in a valentine’s day card?

Im in a very new relationship (5 days). What should I put in a card cause I dont want to be too weird but i want to be sweet…. any help would be greatly appreciated

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3 Responses to “What kind of a messsage should i put in a valentine’s day card?”

  1. miri-miri-off-the-wall said:

    Although our love has just begun
    And we’re just gettin’ started
    I promise you, Dear, it will be fun
    And you won’t be broken-hearted.

  2. Prefers to be unknown said:

    If you dont love this person and are just going slow: We have only known each other for a few days but I am looking forward to lots of fun and a great future!! Be mine this valentines! Or something in that line !

    If you love her and are already in a serious relationship: To the world you may be one person but to the person you may be the world!

  3. Emily said:

    If I was you I would tell the girl in the note the things your liked about her when you first met her when you saw her and things that just made you fall for her. Its to early to say anything about love. Tell her how much she means to you and what you hope to come for the two of you and leave the note with some flowers and a little bear. Its the little things that girls always remember. Good luck =]


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