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What should I get for the guy im dating on Valentines day?

We have been dating for almost 3 months and im CLUELESS I always end up single on Valentines Day..but this year I really dont know what to give him…he’s 19!!
and I know he wants some playstation game but I dont know If I should buy not that romantic..even if I know he would love it..

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11 Responses to “What should I get for the guy im dating on Valentines day?”

  1. wildman said:

    Get him an AIDS Test Rump Ranger

  2. Coolguytocool said:

    I’m aguy and we are easY if he wants it get it for him but also get him something romantic

  3. starkravinmadd said:

    A twilight poster…he will love you 4eva.

  4. Matt H said:

    get it for him it’s romantic that you listened to him and got what he wanted

  5. Rita said:

    Get him the PS game and something cute like a mixed cd of music he would like or bake him a cupcake. Something thoughtful.

  6. Katelynn said:

    get someone to ask him what he wants

    help ans mine?

  7. princess dragonfly said:

    Hmm 3 months is an iffy stage. Try something practical and not over the top. No teddies or anything. Maybe a photo of you and him with his favourite lyrics written on the edge of the frame. I was going to get my bf that but im stripping for him instead 😛 Good luck!

  8. Tara said:

    You should buy him a valentines pair of boxers. There on sale at Target for $4 this week. You can also get him some adidas cologne to go along with it. And maybe a funny valentines day card. THat would be a perfect gift for your man, cuz thats what mine is getting!

  9. SB71 said:

    Give something heartfelt that isn’t too girly like a teddy bear. You could make/get a card to go with that playstation game if you wanted even. All you need for V-day is something that shows that you care for him and respect him and love him.
    Good luck!
    Answer mine?

  10. MM said:

    well you can get him that playstation game and then like a card and like some chocolate, and be creative, like tape the card to the game, and what not and i bet hell love it, men like it when their women surprise them, and dnt think its corny cuz most, not all but most men like corny funny stuff, so ya, jus tape the card to the game, write something cute and lovey in it, and give him the candy or you can even give him colone, and jus be creative

  11. Nick G said:

    we have to be the easiest people to shop for because almost anything we will like it and even if its not something we really wanted we will still appreciate the thought.. back to the question. well i would buy him the game and you might wanna think about getting him a card as well… good luck!


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