What should i get my boyfriend for valentines day?

ok so i have this boyfriend of four months. we are sexually active but i dont think foreplay or that would be good cuz the only time we can do it is in the car beacuse of our parents but how sexy can that be honestly.. not really. so i dont know what to get him hes 17 and i dont really have that much money so i have no idea. ideas? valentines or birthday? i think maybe a video game for his birthday..maybe?? ahhhh please help asap..

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3 Responses to “What should i get my boyfriend for valentines day?”

  1. Jushua Burnham said:

    Personalized valentines day ecards, how about that.

  2. emma05 said:

    You can give a sexy gift like a underwear and a panties attached together, with a little saying that you really love to spend time with him OR you can choose from of the gift ideas from the link below or make a creative hand-made Valentine’s day card (examples provided in the 2nd link). Hope it helps! <3

  3. Flowergal90 said:


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