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The woman I’m dating has decided to go to a B-Day party over a date with me on Sat to celebrate Valentines Day?

Could that mean she has plans with another guy she’s dating? Saturday is when most people are having that romantic occasion for Valentine’s Day, because it’s on the following Monday this year. We’ve been dating for like 10 weeks.

Truth is, I kind of suspect she’s dating someone else because she’s involved in a coed sports league, and lots of guys hit on the girls.

Should I bring this up with her? I’m not sure what to do.

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2 Responses to “The woman I’m dating has decided to go to a B-Day party over a date with me on Sat to celebrate Valentines Day?”

  1. Mabe said:

    only you know if your options are open to date other people, and if they are that would be my guess that she will be with another man..on the most important love day of the year, and i would want to be with the one i love the most that weekend, and most lovers would..and 10 weeks is long enough to have the right to ask what her intentions are that weekend, and to let her know how you go ahead and put her on the spot..she did you, leaving you without a date on Valentine’s..

  2. Jason Marcel said:

    Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. It may be a case of “she’s just not that into you”, but maybe not. It’s hard to get out of a b-day party when you’ve known a friend longer than you’ve been dating the person you’re dating.

    If you express confusion or disappointment, it will only push her away. So I’d day the best thing to do is to be really cool about it and wish her a great time.

    I don’t think the co-ed league has anything to do with it. Personally, I prefer that my girlfriend has tons of guy friends and isn’t one of those total girly girl types. It’s a turn-on. It doesn’t make me not trust her, even if some of those guys flirt with her, because she keeps coming back to me.

    If you feel like you’re ready to be more serious than she is, than that could be a problem, so I’d say a way to test it is to hang back, play it cool, wish her a great party, but tell her that doing the V-day date post-V-day sounds great to you because it’ll be less crowded out there.

    If she has been making time for you for 10 weeks, than I’d say it’s pretty innocent that she’s doing the b-day party instead.


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