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What is a good valentines gift for a long distance relationship?

Something sweet, but low key.


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7 Responses to “What is a good valentines gift for a long distance relationship?”

  1. Alexander G said:

    A Phone card

  2. treeppe323 said:

    An English book, so everyone can know it’s written “Valentine’s”, not “valentines”.

    You should get one for yourself as well.

  3. thejewradicator said:

    Nude pictures.

  4. Dina said:

    a silver or zippo lighter and send it by dhl or fedex

  5. egankes said:

    a teddy bear! or some fancy chocolate just order it from target to the persons address… and if you wanna do me a favor go to and then click on the list and go buy it at but through my site. lol email me [email protected]

  6. anonymous girl said:

    a poem

  7. Maria G said:

    …a phone call at 12:01am first thing Saturday morning *** well it is the afternoon ov V.D. did you figure out something????!!


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