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what’s a good valentines day gift/idea for a long distance relationship?

so I don’t get to see my bf that often cuz we live a few hours a way and both work/go to school full time. It’s our first valentines together so I wanna make it good. we’ve been dating for about 11 months and he’s almost 21. he likes music ( he plays the drums for a rock band) and comedy stuff. any good valentines ideas for gifts or something to do?

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3 Responses to “what’s a good valentines day gift/idea for a long distance relationship?”

  1. QT Patuty said:

    Get him some concert tickets and then just hang out and have a great time.

  2. ham18 said:

    Maybe you could write him a nice letter saying how much you like him, you could also maybe make him a CD with a bunch of songs he likes ( and maybe you could write a few too). Whatever it is, be creative, he will like that much more.

  3. Mike G said:

    Phone card.


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