Valentines Gift for boyfriend in the army?

So, it’s always hard to think of gifts for him, because I have to ship them, or he has to be able to fit them in his bag to bring back with him.
What are some good things that are shippable?
(and of course, manly enough.) for Valentine’s Day?

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5 Responses to “Valentines Gift for boyfriend in the army?”

  1. The Empress of the World said:

    a personalized hankerchief with a sweet card and a recent pic of u to look at b4 he goes to sleep…

  2. pantherstrike said:

    give him a picture of you naked.

    trust me. that is the best gift you can receive when you see nothing but hairy men for weeks at a time.

    trust me.

  3. bookmaster06 said:

    a trackphone and a minute card so he can talkto you

  4. Unfrozen Caveman said:

    naughty pictures

  5. rrachellh said:

    a pin up picture of your self or a sweet picture of you and him.
    a book.


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