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Should my date take me out on valentines day?

I have had a 3rd date with this great guy, i saw him last night but he has not mentioned anything about valentines day or doing anything. If he dont call me by tomorrow, shall i forget about him> he says he likes me but shouldn’t a man want to take his date out on 14th Feb?

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4 Responses to “Should my date take me out on valentines day?”

  1. Triks N said :

    some people dont find valentines day that special. Maybe that’s why…or he could by surprising you(small chance).

  2. fsluw said :

    You’ve only had three dates with him!! Gawd, do you expect him to propose on the fourth date??

    Seriously, he could be busy with friends, school, work….

  3. pipman23 said :

    Maybe he’s a jehova’s witness, they can’t celebrate things and he hasn’t said anything to you cause he doesn’t want you to freak out.

  4. Venky said :

    hey, valentines day isn’t all that special for a lot of people. its more of a clever marketing gimmick! so relax and don’t be anxious on valentines day, just be cool and have a nice time with your friends if he doesn’t


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