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How to ask your best friend out for Valentines day?

we’re best friends… i like her and i’m pretty sure she likes me. either way, how i ask? it has to be done at school.. just pull her to the side and ask if i can talk to her a minute? and in specific words, how should i ask her? should i ask for a valentines date or you know just jump to conclusions and go for “go out with me” thanks for help 🙂

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3 Responses to “How to ask your best friend out for Valentines day?”

  1. emily said:

    ” Be my Valentine”

  2. ALICE said:

    ask her if she wants to skip last period with you, take her to a park or somewhere with a picnic basket and ask her to be your valentine!

  3. sous-vêtement coquins said:

    Un poste vraiment rempli de magnifiques conseils


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