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Valentines day gift for my best friend that i’m going to ask out?

I’m asking this girl out saturday and i need to get her a valentines day gift… Shes like my best friend so it has to be something really special. Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “Valentines day gift for my best friend that i’m going to ask out?”

  1. blondiebebe_27 said:


  2. superstar said:

    well get her some really nice jewelry(make sure it’s real),candy.plush animals,and 1 or 2 dozen roses and present it to her very classy and instead of just asking her make it into a poem

  3. lildee(; said:

    first make sure she want to more than good friends.. you dont want to get turned down on valentines day, or loose a good friend.

    if she is interested, i would go with some roses and chocolate(: thats always cute!

    hope this helps, and good luck! 😀

  4. Bella Cullen said:

    Dear Dave S,

    I think it’s great you’re taking a step forward like that. I think you should write her a note saying “Gym at —-whatever time—-, signed —-put a heart—-” Put a bouquet of her favourite flowers in the gym a couple minutes before she gets there and hide out to make sure she gets them. In the flowers write another note saying “Locker number —her locker number— at —-whatever time—, signed —-put a heart—-” and leave a heart shaped balloon. Again, hide out and make sure she gets it (don’t let her see you). With the balloon, leave a final note saying “After school finishes, front entrance, signed —put a heart—-“. Wait for her there with a box of chocolates. When she comes, look into her eyes, smile and give her the chocolates. Then ask her out. It sounds corny but girls love romantic things like that. Good luck 🙂


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