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Guys, what was the best Valentines Day Gift you have received?

I am having trouble thinking of a really great gift. My husband and I have had a really ruff year and I really want to get him something nice. Any ideas? I really cannot spend too much money, but please give any and all suggestions.

Thank you!

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10 Responses to “Guys, what was the best Valentines Day Gift you have received?”

  1. AnswerDude said:

    12 years of marriage and the three most memorable Valentines gifts involved sex!

    Guys are easy we LOVE sex!

    Get a new nightie or better yet just wear a red bow from Christmas and give him yourself!

  2. palin.pimpin said:

    My special purpose was given a great job.

  3. jimbeaux said:

    One of the worst VD gifts I ever received was from my ex wife, who showed up at the door wearing this ridiculous lingerie that made her look cheap. Didn’t do a thing for her figure, either.

    The nicest VD gift I ever got was tickets to go see the Kentucky Wildcats play basketball!

  4. Ryan said:

    The two best were she gave me a lingerie show and teased me the whole time.

    The other was when she dressed as a harem girl and danced for me!

  5. Jen N said:

    Some of the guys here are right, men are easy. Sexy, fantasy night for him is all he will need from you.

  6. mister bottle said:

    I do not even know how we managed to pull this off, but it was awesome!
    My girlfriend took me to a public library to study (we were in high school at the time). We went outside the building and I did her doggystyle right there. I have received all kinds of presents and stuff since then. But nothing can compare to some exciting sexual relations.

  7. ♥ ♥HONESTY RULES♥♥ said:

    Valentines day is a crock of crap

  8. peasticker said:

    one valentine’s day my wife made up two large red cardboard hearts; made into sign covering her front and back with I love you on the front. She was completely naked underneath. Then we had one big love fest. Sure it was corny, but I have never forgotten. PS we have been married 37 years.

  9. lovely said:

    Lingerie is definitely fun and guys always appreciate it when the woman initiates. I like to give the gift of entertainment, rather than a material possession that ends up in the trash. Tickets to a sporting event, movies, a professional massage or a night in a really fancy hotel. Or a combination…a sassy role-playing costume, a night in a nice hotel and a full body massage by you! This site has cute lingerie AND massage oil:

  10. M said:

    If you want to spice things up this year and try something different that could be better than any other normal gift you would otherwise get, I would order an authentic KissMyBox gift. They have grown as the largest site for unique adult gift boxes for couples and the original KissMyBox gift box has become world famous.

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